It was Springtime, in Spain. Two twin sisters, who were both lovers of fashion and photography, were having a heart-to-heart. A talk about the future, goals, and projects. The twin sisters fantasized about the idea of creating something great together, they asked each other, they could make a lifestyle brand that collects worldwide twins with common and inspiring projects.

It was just a silly dream, full of good and dreamy intentions. But a few days later, when one of the twins was wearing the first STT. blouse while taking photos to two twin boys, some random people stopped her to ask where the blouse could be found. Thus, they took a word from that event and wrote down another one of their own invention: SHOOT THE TWIN.

It is not what you wear but how you wear it. STT. is definitely more than clothing. It is art put into clothing, photography, and some other stuff. It is two twin sisters sharing their passion for art. STT. has created a lifestyle based on freedom and style. “When the world tells you to go one way, we say go your own”. Through the prism of photography, fashion, lifestyle, and some times, events, STT. shares what it is like being a twin through other twins with a project in common. They express how important is to share and create something with someone you love either if it is your twin, your best friend, or your partner in crime. It is about that person who makes you grow and inspires you every day.

All in all, STT. is a clothing and photography enterprise-delusion dedicated to inspiring customers to follow their dreams as they do every day!